StudioDesk from BlueLounge might be my new dream desk


I’ve been on a quest for a functional and affordable desk over the last few months and I think I found it. It’s no Milk desk, but the StudioDesk appears to suit my needs just fine.

I can’t attest to the quality of the BlueLounge desk, but the features are appealing to a nerd. A hidden compartment holds most of your power doodads so as not to clutter your desktop. A slit running just short of the width of the desk allows for cables to enter and exit and only one cable exits the desk to plug into the wall. A drawer-like slider covered with an optional faux leather mat reveals just how messy you really are. Made from mahogany and laminate press, the StudioDesk is available for pre-order now (ships later this month) at $600 with free shipping. I wonder if Ikea will make a cheaper clone.


StudioDesk [BlueLounge]

Thanks for the tip, KSA!