After the G60, Garmin's devices will only run Android and WinMo


The Garmin nuviphone G60 will come out one day, friends, most likely during the second quarter of this year. And when it does come out, there will be much rejoicing: it’s the last time the Garmin-Asus operating system will be used on a device. From there on out it’s Android and Windows Mobile all the way.

Why the switch? Apparently the operating system, despite being based on Linux, isn’t the easiest to develop for—hence the long delay (The G60 was first announced some 16 months ago under a different name.) Inertia may also be to blame: why wouldn’t a company merely use the increasingly mature Android operating system, or Windows Mobile if that’s the crowd they want to target? Developers already have enough operating systems to juggle—iPhone OS, webOS, Android, WinMo—without having to worry about another one, and an unproven one at that.

So, in conclusion, following the launch of the G60, look for Garmin devices to run on Android or WinMo. That is all.

via Android Community