Remote-controlled flying cockroach is fun for some, nightmare for others


In case you thought the cockroach key chain holder I wrote about earlier this year was disgusting, think again. Because today I give you a remote-controlled flying plastic cockroach [JP]. Just like the keychain holder, the thing is the brainchild of a twisted Japanese mind but available also for all people outside Japan.

The cockroach is produced by Japanese toymaker Taiyo [JP] and apparently has been around for a while, but I discovered it just today. Charge it for 30 minutes and you can play with it for 5 minutes.


The cockroach comes with a charger and a remote-control. If you live outside Japan, get it at Rinkya (they also sell a remote-controlled plastic rat, in case you’re interested.). The Japan Trend Shop is also offering the cockroach ($68+shipping).

Via Rinkya