Symbian not in a hurry to take on smartphones

Apparently they’re not too worried over there among the Symbianites. Despite growing pressure from ever-more-inexpensive smartphones, they don’t seem to care much about competing. Maybe it’s overconfidence from years on the top, or maybe they have an ace up their sleeve. I think it’s a little of both; they don’t think they need an ace, because they’ve seen what everyone else’s ace seems to do when it goes up against the iPhone: break. Perhaps Nokia is secure in their belief that they don’t need to compete with the iPhone, webOS, and Android — at least, not yet.

The move to open-source Symbian is a forward-looking one, but it’s a slow-paced project and not something most people will see the benefits of until much later. And when one of their biggest competitors was open source from the start, those benefits seem pretty questionable. That said, I’d like to think that the people at Symbian know what they’re doing, since they’ve been doing it for so damn long. I guess we’ll just have to wait and find out.