A seven-page "first look" at the Omnia 2

omnia2_121If you’re looking for a new WinMo smartphone, the Omnia 2 should definitely be on your list. I still think the cube thing is weird-looking, but apparently the phone works quite well and has a nice, polished touch interface.

It’d be superfluous to list all the details they go over, but let’s just say that GSM Arena’s “first look” is more thorough than most reviews. It isn’t a production unit, so there may be changes and probably quite a few fixes, but everything is in place and it looks like a nice system all told.

If I had to switch from Android, I might go with this thing. It seems like it’s got the whole package, but only if you’re interested in getting to know WinMO pretty intimately.

[via WMPoweruser]