Are you ready for some baseball? Your iPhone can stream live games


A $10 At Bat app for the iPhone will stream “out-of-market” games to the iPhone and the iPod Touch. The first game will be the Cubs-White Sox at 2:20pm today and then the Tigers-Cardinals game at 8:15pm. You can also listen to the game and watch live illustrations but if you live in New York, for example, you won’t be able to watch Yankees or Mets games.

This requires the new 3.0 firmware, which is launching today, and it should work over 3G although Wi-Fi is preferred. They described this app at the WWDC keynote during a video run-through of future exciting apps. Needless to say the crowd of uncoordinated Mac nerds did not go wild.

Incidentally, I don’t follow baseball at all so please excuse any mistakes including the image above via the Albion Historical Society.