AT&T opens up the iPhone 3G S upgrade eligibility window by 3 months

If you’re just weeks outside of eligibility for an upgrade to the iPhone 3G S, you’ve probably been one of the many folks clamoring for a deal. No matter where you turn online, you can find people ranting on the matter – with just 11 months between the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3G S, lots of folks are getting a bit screwed over. In a pleasantly surprising turn of events, AT&T has listened.

It’s not going to help all early adopters of the 3G, but AT&T has announced that they’ve opened the eligibility window for the 3G S up by three months. If you’re going to be eligible for an upgrade in July, August, or September, they’re going to go ahead and give you the upgrade deal from day one. If you (like me) are only eligible every 18 months, you’re still out of luck – but if you spend $99 a month or more on your plan and are thus prepped for an upgrade after just 12 months, you’re good to go. If your status is changing, ppgrade eligibility tools should begin reflecting your potential savings beginning tomorrow.