Blast from the Past: Mad Dog McCree resurrected on the Wii


Oh man, who remembers playing Mad Dog McCree? T’was a Duck Hunt-style shooter except instead of animated ducks, the game featured live-action mediocre actors. I had it on 3DO — 3DO!

Well Mad Dog McCree is back and available on the Wii for twenty bucks. And lest you worry that the game’s been redone and gussied up for a present-day audience, it has NOT. The Wii version is simply all three Mad Dog McCree games bundled onto one disc as the Mad Dog McCree Gunslinger Pack and made to work with the Wii remote.

Will I buy it? Will you? Like Natalie Imbruglia, I’m torn.


Mad Dog McCree Gunslinger Pack [Majesco Entertainment via Kotaku]