Panasonic's iPod merge: In-flight entertainment for Very Important People


Now, the smart thing to do when faced with the prospect of a long aeroplane flight is to load up on Benadryl (or Ambien, if you have money and a cooperative doctor) right before boarding. That way you sleep for the duration of the flight—no having to worry about crying babies for you! But, for the sake of this here post, let’s say you want to, or have to, stay awake for a certain amount of time. You know who’s got your back in this instance? Panasonic, of all people, what with its “iPod merge” in-flight thingamabob.

Keep in mind this isn’t for the average United Airlines flight. No, it’s for Boeing Business Jets—rich people, in other words. See, all they (read: their assistants) will have to do is plug in the Company iPod and then the whole cabin can enjoy the latest funny Will Ferrel movie while knocking back a few brews. Hey, you’ve earned it!

Planes should be outfitted with iPod merge by September of this year.

And while it’s great that companies like Panasonic are working toward making long flights more bearable—can you even imagine being on an old Spanish galleon, going from Sevilla to, I don’t know, Cartagena! That must have taken forever, lol!—I think I speak for most of you when I say, Hey, how about a little more legroom in coach? Is that so hard?

via Giz