TweetDeck's iPhone app marks new shift to platform service

Tweetdeck has released a new version, with the big statement of becoming “a new browser for the real-time Web,” according to founder Iain Dodsworth. He’s also launching TweetDeck for the iPhone (just as soon as Apple approves it in the app store, apparently soon). You can flick through columns a little like changing screens in Safari on the iPhone. This will sync with your desktop version, as predicted by TechCrunch Europe back in January.

Digg co-founder Kevin Rose has got hold of a beta version of the app.

The new version of TweetDeck for the desktop Syncs with the iPhone in the background, talking to a new Tweetdeck server. Yes, you now get a separate Tweetdeck account to save allyour settings. So when you fire up the iPhone version it will simply pull all your latest settings auto-uploaded from your desktop version. In other words Tweetdeck is becoming a cloudbased platform in its own right. This will likely set it apart from competitors like Tweetie.

TweetDeck will also now support multiple accounts for Twitter and – a big boon for me – unlimited columns. These were previously limited to 10.

TweetDeck is also not competitng with another UK startup Zensify. Because now it will show trends among the people you follow, something Zensify has been displaying on the iphone via tag clouds. Dodsworth blogs about the other features in a long post here.