Video gallery: Japan gets five new gourmet robots


We already covered the sushi and pancake making robots showcased at a machinery and technology in Tokyo last week. But there were more robots poised to make our future lives better, namely a kebab robot, a drink-serving robot (my favorite) and a tissue distribution robot that makes sure you can wipe your mouth after eating and drinking.

Robot 1: Sushi robot

We covered the sushi robot last week already. But the video is much better, as you can see how smooth the robot moves and how easy it is for it to even grasp objects like strawberries.

Robot 2: Pancake robot

This robot (also covered earlier) has 15 joints to make sure you get tasty Japanese pancakes in time. In the video, you can see the robot communicating with customers (the thing actually speaks).

Robot 3: Kebab robot

The Chibisuke Jr. is by no means as spectacular as the robots mentioned above, but it has one thing going for it: Whereas skilled human workers are only able to make around 100 kebabs per hour, it produces 240 units. Made by a Japanese company called Kojimajiken [JP], the robot costs $6,500.

Robot 4: Drink-serving robot

In case you don’t like robots preparing your food for you, you might want to try and get served a few drinks by Table Robot. The robot is made by Kyoto-based Laskmi-Do [JP] whose representative says his two-wheeled robot outperforms four-wheeled vehicles as far as mobility is concerned.

A future version is supposed to boast a speech recognition function so you might never have to get up to get a beer from the fridge again.

Robot 5: Tissue distribution robot

A company called Inter Robot [JP] has developed a cute robot that distributes tissues, is always friendly and never gets tired of his work. The robot speaks (in very polite language), stands 1.2m tall and weighs 80kg. Buyers can customize the voice of the robot and its “facial” expressions.