Super Talent's MasterDrive SX SSDs would go great with an old MacBook Pro


Do you have a MacBook Pro? No, the new one with the gimped SATA transfer, but the one before it. Good, because Super Talent, which just won the prize for least presumptive company name, has a new line of solid state drives, dubbed the MasterDrive SX series, that may interest you guys. Write speeds are rated at up to 200MB/s sequential, not burst. Yes, that’s pretty fast.

The new drives range in size from 64GB to 256GB. And since we’re talking SSD here, expect to pay a small fortune. The mid-range 128GB model, which is rated at 220MB/s read and 200 MB/s write, comes in at $359. Prices for the other two? ::shoulder shrug::

If you have the cash, they’re on Newegg. (Well, only the 128GB one is; presumably the other ones will pop up soon.)