The Europas Awards – Clarifying the categories

A few people are asking me about the categories for The Europas and although most people have it right, a few need clarification. In all cases we are looking for companies from Europe primarily, but also the Middle East and Africa (effectively “EMEA”). The word “Startup” in this instance is defined as a company that has been in existence for less than three years and has taken less than three rounds of funding. So here are the definitions:

Best European Web Application Or Service
This has to be a tech company based in Europe that has produce an application service we all like and use in Europe.

Best Design
This category could apply to a really well designed site or application in terms of architecture, or it might be front-end, look and feel.

Best Bootstrapped Startup (less than 3 years old)
When we say Boostrapped we mean a startup that does not have formal investment funding, so “unfunded”.

Best in Social Innovation
This is the one people are getting confused about. This does not mean best social media site or best viral widget or something. We mean “Best Social Innovation which benefits Society” – so something which has actually changed the world for the better. We will change the name of the category to make this clearer.

Best Enterprise Startup
This applies to companies aimed at corporates or the enterprise.

Best Cleantech/Environmental Startup
This applies to any tech company making the world greener.

Best Hardware / Real World Gadget
As much as we’d like to put the iPhone here we can’t, it’s made in the US – and they can win their own awards. So let’s find a piece of hardware we really like in Europe!

Best Entertainment Application or Service
This could apply to an online or mobile game or perhaps something that is a “Time-sink” or attention grabber.

Best Mobile Startup
This is self explanatory.

Best Mobile Application
This is self explanatory.

Best Startup Founder
This is a person you think is one of the best founders you’ve witnessed. I’m sure you know some!

Best New Startup in 2008/9
This applies from Summer 2008 to Summer 2009

Best European Investor of the Year (VC or Angel fund)
This is a person you think is one of the best investments houses you’ve come across, like a VC firm or an Angel Network.

Best Investor Personality
This is a person you think is one of the best investors you’ve met. Someone who really helps entrepreneurs in Europe.

Best Overall Winner
This can’t be entered directly. This category will be won by the entrant in one or more of the other categories which The Europas Advisory Board feels reflects the best Europe has to offer in the tech industry.