Rumor: Specs for the Canon 1D Mark IV?


Hmmm. Are these the specs for the Canon 1D Mark IV? They all look right expect for the megapixel count. The rumor mentions a video mode, ISO up to 26,500, and a quicker overall speed. But the rumor states that the camera will be around 16MPs. That doesn’t make sense at all. The 1Ds Mark III and 5D Mark II both shoot at 21.1MP. Why would the the in between model have something different?

This 1D Mark IV is slated to replace the 1D Mark III, which is currently the 2nd most expensive EOS camera residing between the 1Ds Mark III and the 5D Mark II. Chances are that this model is getting an update, but we highly doubt that it would come with a different sensor than what the two other newish Canon cameras have.

But anyway, here is what the rumor states the 1D Mark IV will have.

Note this refers to a particular test camera, and as Canon regularly tell people doing testing ‘not all features may make it to production’.

1.3 crop
Images ~16MP
ISO 50-26500
8MP sRAW1 format providing images that seem to best 1D3 files in detail [typo corrected]
Very clean images at ISO 3200. 6400/12800 take further processing very well
Slightly faster FPS than 1D3 in real life shooting
AF greatly improved and very good in low light (actual comment was ‘Nikon fast’ ;-)
Liveview AF – not up to fast sports use, but very usable otherwise
Video as with 5D2
Screen as per 5D2
Ergonomic improvements with grips – some buttons moved
Feels faster and more responsive in nearly all aspects of real use.

Northlight-images via Photography Bay