So what do you think of your iPhone 3G S?


Photo Credit: Jae Won Joh

The sun cracked over the horizon, and off we went. Like any good Apple fan boys bloggers, we camped out (in multiple places around the country, even) to pick up our iPhone 3G S. We’ll have our final, non-rushed review up sometime in the next few days – in the mean while, it’s time for you to voice up.

We’ve got our opinions, forged from the steels of writing about and playing with too many cell phones cell phones. We want to hear what you think, dear iPhone owner. Whether that new iPhone 3G S is your first stab at this whole Apple-made cell phone nonsense or you’ve been rockin’ the fruitphone since the EDGE-only days of yester-yesteryear, we want your insight.

Love it? Hate it? Share your wisdom in the comments below.