NJ bill would ban the use of non-hands-free GPS devices while driving


A new bill floating around the New Jersey legislature would ban the use of GPS devices while driving. You already know why, too: it leads to unsafe driving. The bill was introduced on June 8, and would punish violators with a $100 fine.

Now let’s be clear: if passed, this law would only affect programming a GPS by hand while behind the wheel. Of course, the passenger would be able to program by hand till their fingers fall off. Also, if you happen to have a hands-free, voice-assisted GPS device, then this wouldn’t affect you.

The bill is designed to stop people from pressing the on button, pushing maps, typing in a city name, typing in a street name, then typing in an address. Far too dangerous!

And while it’s quick to say yeah, that’s certainly dangerous, we are left wondering wether or not there will be other, similar bills. Will legislators seek to ban satellite radio? After all, your eyes leave the road as you’re trying to moving from CNN to The Virus.

via GPS Tracklog