Monday afternoon timewaster: Shmup scene generator

What’s a shmup, you ask? It’s short for shoot-em-up, you know, like Raiden and Gradius and all those great old quarter-eating scrolling shooters. Those of you nerdy enough to be fans of these games will be delighted with this fun little tool, where you can arrange ships, enemies, shots and bosses until the cows come home. Why not?

At the moment, your choices are somewhat limited in the ships you can choose and so on, but the creator of the site is expanding it quickly (it’s new) and I’m sure your favorite ships from Raiden Fighters Jet or Ikaruga will be there shortly. In the meantime he’s also got an R-Type Blackberry theme for you if you feel like really flaunting that nerdism of yours.

You can do a vertical or horizontal scene, each has different assets.

[via Shoot the Core]