Poor Tron Guy must sell his plane to keep himself in discs

We know how you guys think of CrunchGear: the TMZ of gadget blogs. Our main focus is on the cult of personality surrounding such luminaries as the Guy Formerly known As Zune Tattoo Dude, Mustard Man, and of course Tron Guy. Every detail of their lives must be posted and reposted because that is the lifeblood of gadget blogging. Without these giants of tech, our blogger lives would be sadder and emptier than they already are — if that’s possible.

So what’s happening today? Oh my GOD! Tron Guy is selling his plane on eBay. Do you think it’s his absinthe habit catching up with him? Twenty three grand will only let you ride the green dragon so far, at least on the good stuff.

Honestly, though, I’m guessing it was just too expensive of a hobby, and what with the economy, he’s probably getting paid for a lot fewer photo-ops these days. The reserve is not yet met, and I’m guessing it’s at least three times the current bid, since a new Zodiac XLi appears to cost well over a hundred large.

[via Underwire and Gizmodo]