TiVo and Time Warner apparently discussing DVR deal

tivoLooks like Time Warner cable subscribers may someday get the option of the TiVo interface on their DVR boxes. According to Bloomberg, “TiVo is in talks to provide service through Time Warner Cable Inc.” although nothing specific has really been revealed yet.

TiVo is already in cahoots with Comcast and DirecTV, and a deal with Time Warner would get its software in front of another 13+ million potential subscribers. Representatives from TiVo and Time Warner have refused to comment on the discussions that Time Warner’s COO Landel Hobbs said had been taking place during a recent conference call.

If the deal comes to pass, Time Warner could learn some things from Comcast’s TiVo rollout here in the New England area. I finally gave up on Comcast TiVo after a year and a half and over twenty dead cable boxes. It just never really worked right. I’d have a working box for a month or two, at most, and then it’d just stop recording shows and I wouldn’t be able to delete any previous shows.

Or the live TV would just stop working. Or the box would just reboot itself over and over again in and endless loop. I finally just bought an actual TiVo box for the main room and now I have the plain old Comcast DVR in the bedroom. I miss the TiVo interface tremendously, but at least the box is stable.

[Bloomberg via Gizmodo]