Web cam tilts, swivels, has 2GB of storage


Good for those hard-to-reach places, this USB web cam rotates 360 degrees and can be angled up to 180 degrees. It’s also got 2GB of built-in storage for good measure.

Available from Brando, the PT Barnum of Hong Kong gadgets, the $33 USB 2-in-1 Web Cam shoots relatively pedestrian 640×480 video at 30 frames-per-second and doubles as a two-gigabyte flash memory drive for storing your favorite photos of theĀ Twilight cast and other essential items.

The big (only?) selling point beyond the built-in memory is the tilting, swiveling camera that docks into a base or can be detached for free-hand filming in a pinch. Perfect for pouring your heart out to all your YouTube followers and then catching something interesting going on behind your laptop. Like a squirrel and a dog fighting over a french fry. Stuff like that.


USB 2-in-1 Web Cam [Brando]