Box of Applause is applause in a box

applauseBuy this “Box of Applause” and put it on your desk at work. Finish those spreadsheets early? Box of Applause. Get your co-worker fired? Box of Applause. Sneak out at noon on Friday? Box of Applause. It’s like a music box, but when you open it, you get a round of applause.

According to the product description:

Open this box and be greeted with the sounds of cheering and clapping from a very enthusiastic crowd. Close your eyes and imagine yourself accepting that Oscar, Grammy, or Nobel Peace Prize. Desktop day brightener is pine with steel hinges. Takes 2 AAA batteries (included).

Oscar, Grammy, or Nobel Peace Prize? Get over yourself. It’s the little victories in life that make all the difference. Two candy bars fall out of the candy machine? Box of Applause.

Yours for $25 at SkyMall.