France, Spain and Italy offices likely to go in MySpace Euro shutdown

Well, there’s not a great deal to add to the MySpace implosion going on right now. We already know MySpace International managing director Travis Katz is going even though, somewhat bizarrely, MySpace is refusing to comment or make any kind of official statement at all. My own attempts to offer MySpace an opportunity to comment on our story last week have also been rebuffed. Update: Scratch that – our sources at MySpace now say that Katz will remain with MySpace and that “his role hasn’t changed,” however the company itself will still not respond to an on-the-record request for comment about Katz.

What we don’t know yet is how many of the 400 international employees will shortly be following. [Update: Again, scratch that – see our breaking story]

My own sources inside MySpace in Europe say that that several top managers have now flown into the cities were the European branches are based in order pull people into meetings and close down operations. These include the offices in France, Spain and Italy.

Katz oversaw 450 staff across MySpace and Fox Interactive Media properties, including about 40 in the UK. MySpace has already cut 420 jobs in the US, leaving 1,000 domestic staff.

Katz joined MySpace in early 2006 as Vice President International, taking a SVP and Managing Director title in October 2006. He was responsible for all non-US operations for MySpace, IGN and other Fox Interactive Media properties. He grew staff from 2 to more than 400 in a span of 2 years.