Video: Meet Yuu-chan, the teenage cyborg ninja turtle


Medical technology can sometimes not only help humans but also cute little animals. Case in point: Yuu-can, a loggerhead sea turtle that was recently attacked by a shark, lost parts of her left and right front flipper and got caught in a fishing net.


And not only is Yuu-chan cute but she also belongs to an endangered species. Two reasons for the Sea Turtle Association of Japan (which really exists) to ask a group of Japanese scientists to help her with artificial flippers.


Yuu-chan received a pair of early protoype flippers (length: 65cm, weight: 1.3kg), which were supplied by a company that usually manufactures prosthetics for humans. She currently tries out her new flippers by swimming around in a closed swimming pool and sea pond under the supervision of her helpers (who still work on improving the flippers).

Check out the video below to see cyborg turtle Yuu-chan in action [JP]:

Via Yomiuri Shimbun [JP]