Wiimbledon 2009: Sponsors, donations, and other general news

This year’s Wiimbledon is fast approaching (Saturday the 27th), but it’s not too late to sign up for the tournament. Jump on over to the EventBrite page and register for the tournament. Wiimbledon is free to all, but you’ll have to pay to play. Barcade is once again hosting the event and they’ve committed to matching our donations to Child’s Play.

So, you’re wondering how you can donate or snag some product, right? If you’re unable to make the event in Brooklyn then you can either donate directly to Child’s Play via their Paypal account (please add a note to your donation referencing Wiimbledon and CrunchGear) or bid on items that CrunchGear has allocated for Wiimbledon on this page. (It’s a little ghetto because it’s my personal eBay page, but I’ve linked all auction pages to the Child’s Play Charity and they’re getting all the proceeds). Check out all the items now. We’ll be adding to it over the next day so keep checking back.

And all of those products up for auction or as prizes would not have been possible without the generous donations of the following companies. From everyone at CrunchGear and Wiimbledon, we thank you.

A big thanks to Geek Squad for providing technical support at the event and for donating all six Wiis that will be used at the event and auctioned off later.

Nyko is onboard this year as the Official Racket of Wiimbledon with the Wand and it rocks.

We wouldn’t be having this tournament if it weren’t for Toshiba. Thanks for lending us six 42-inch Regza ZV650s for the event.

We love Dyson at CrunchGear and we love them even more for donating two DC25 Animals and two DC16 Animals. They never lose suction!

Casio, thanks for donating the EX-FS10 high-speed digital camera. Who doesn’t want to see their videos at 1000fps?

Now that Nintendo has pulled their head out and added support for SD cards, we can’t thank Lexar enough for donating 10 2GB gaming edition SD cards.

If you’re on Verizon then thank HTC for donating two Touch Pros to the cause.

Who wants the new Sidekick LX 2009? How about a G1? Thanks, T-Mobile!

Thanks to THX for donating a Mako 2.1 speaker system. These are my personal favorites and they’re a bombass set of speakers.

Thanks to VIA for donating an A2000 storage server. You know what you’re going to do with this.

Need a Wii racing wheel or iPod speakers? Logitech has you covered with the PureFi Anytime iPod speakers and a Wii racing wheel.

Virgin America always takes care of us and we thank them for donating four Main Cabin tickets.

Lowepro, thanks for donating a gaggle of camera bags.

Need instant access to the Web? Verizon has you covered with the MiFi.

Never run out of batteries while playing your Wii ever again! Thanks to Duracell for providing rechargeable batteries.

I hear it’s the Year of the netbook. Thanks to Lenovo for hooking us up with the S10.

Need a phone? How about one or five from Samsung Mobile? We have the T-Mobile t349, AT&T Propel, T-Mobile Gravity, Verizon Juke and a Verizon Saga.

Have a lot of movies sitting on your computer? Wouldn’t you rather watch it all on your TV? Western Digital to the rescue with two WD TVs.

Pentax, you’re the best. Thanks for hooking us up with two E70 digital cameras.

This is just the short list as we have many more fabulous items up for grabs. I’ll be updating as we go. There’s still time to donate products, too! Just shoot me an e-mail at peterha at crunchgear dot com.

Update: AT&T Wireless is jumping on the bandwagon with a Samsung Jack.

And please don’t forget to donate your old gadgets to Gazelle.

Oh, and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and RSVP on Facebook.