Redfly hearts BlackBerry: "Blackfly" coming this year?

The Redfly (or REDFLY if you like their all-caps nomenclature) is a great, well-made device… which only supports the ugly grand-daddy of mobile OSes, Windows Mobile. Sure, it’s easy to underestimate the venerable OS, but there’s a reason everyone’s excited about everything other than WinMo. With BlackBerry growing in popularity, it could be an excellent partner for Celio, whose market is being eaten up by netbooks and such. Imagine a Redfly working with a BlackBerry Storm 2 — less crappy soft keyboard, more screen space, and no cumbersome extra interfaces.

Celio is obviously aware that it needs to broaden its appeal a bit, and they’re planning on getting BlackBerry stuff up and running by the end of the year. Good for them, but damn, hurry up! They’ve also lowered the price on the existing Redflys by about 15%, so if you wanted to grab a couple for your WinMo-based business or something, now would be a good time.

They’re going to need to sweeten the deal a bit, though. Everybody likes cloud stuff and backups, so maybe something like that? Or local backup of your emails and phone storage onto an SD card for faster access? I don’t know. These things might complicate the device, and its simplicity is perhaps its most enticing aspect.