Dyson DC31 claims to have the fastest motor in the world


Today in London, Dyson introduced a brand new handheld vacuum, the DC31. It weighs 2.2lb and is essentially an upgrade from the DC16, but this one packs a switched reluctance motor, which Sir James claims is the “fastest motor in the world, by a long stretch.”

Said motor twirls at 104,000 revolutions per minute. To put that into perspective, the Dyson motor is “ten times as fast as a commercial aircraft, five times as fast as a Formula 1 engine and more than twice as fast as the most powerful industrial milling machines.”


Remember that rumor that was floating around last year about Dyson wanting to get into cars? Well, it looks like it could happen in the future. According to Dyson, the technology is scalable and there’s a team of 50 motor engineers at the Wiltshire HQ and many of them have automotive backgrounds.

The DC31 goes on sale next month in the UK for £129 (the Animal be an extra £20) and will hit Stateside in September. No word on price, but I’d guess that it will retail for around $200. We just received word that the DC31 will be $219.99 and the DC31 Animal will retail for $269.99. Or you could hit up the Wiimbledon eBay auction and grab the DC16 Animal for much cheaper.

via Telegraph