Vizio's VBR100 Blu-ray player will be a Walmart exclusive


Vizio just took the wraps off of its hot Internet-connected HDTVs the other day, but the company has a new Blu-ray player coming soon too. The $188 MSRP will probably get price cuts and sales to bring it down to a more “Walmart” level seeing as Blu-ray players have breached the $100 mark. But even around the starting price, this player might not disappoint.

The Vizio VBR100 is coming to market as a Profile 2.0, BD-Live player. That means it will sport an Ethernet jack for easy updates and can display all the interactive goodies that BD-Live brings. Plus, users can plug in USB flash drives to add additional content. We wish we had more deets on this spec, but expect a music player and photo viewer – DIVX playback is a possibility too. Expect the player to also the standard assortment of A/V jacks including HDMI, component, and digital audio out.

There is no reason why the player will stay at $188 for very long. The VBR100 should hit shelves just before the pre-holiday blitz, with a second, similar model launching right before Christmas.

Something tells us that we could be seeing one of Walmart’s Black Friday items: a $99 Blu-ray player. No, no, a $79 Blu-ray player. That’s more like it.