Windows 7 pricing released, with limited time discounts

windows-7-greenMicrosoft has announced the pricing for Windows 7, due to be released on October 22. The Home Premium upgrade version will cost $119.99 — ten bucks cheaper than the comparable version of Vista! Other news outlets are trying to spin this as “8% less”, but we know you, dear readers, aren’t fooled by such sleight of hand. Windows 7 Professional upgrade will run $199.99. The full Home Premium version is $199.99; and the full versions of Windows 7 Professional and Ultimate editions will be $299.99 and $319.99 respectively. Does the Ultimate edition really offer $20 more in terms of functionality? I don’t know!

For a limited time — specifically, tomorrow until July 11 in the US — Microsoft will be selling the Home Premium upgrade for $50. The Windows 7 Professional upgrade is $100 during the same period. After July 11, you’ll be paying full price for the upgrades. Sorry, Europe: no upgrades for you. But Microsoft is offering discounted versions of the full Windows 7 starting July 15 in the U.K., France and Germany. Expect to pay 49 or 99 euros for Home Premium or Professional.

And to show you what a swell company they are, Microsoft will be making free upgrades to Windows 7 available to people who buy a PC with Vista prior to the release of the new version. That’s nice.

People who buy Windows Vista Home Premium, Business or Ultimate computers starting Friday can contact their manufacturer for a free upgrade when Windows 7 becomes available on Oct. 22.

PC manufacturers are on board with this already. HP has information about the free Windows upgrade online already. Expect your manufacturer of choice to follow suit, soon.