Asus keyboard computer delayed until August


Our own beardy Devin Coldewey had quite a tech boner for the Asus Eee Keyboard back at CES. At that time, a company representative made a “confidential estimate” that the device would be released in August. Then someone at Asus apparently got all giddy or something and it was announced that the Eee Keyboard would launch in June. Well, June’s almost over and there’s no Asus Eee Keyboard.

Looks like it’s indeed coming in August after all.

And today must be “Companies Being Honest Day” (see the Sony piece from this morning) as Asus’ reasoning behind the delay is simply because it can’t figure out how to market it. It needs a niche, in other words, and Asus had no niche in time for the keyboard’s release.

I think a “people want it” niche might work but that’s not enough these days, apparently. Oh well, August it is then. The computer-inside-a-keyboard will feature a 32GB solid state drive, 5-inch LCD, and wireless HDMI for outputting to a TV or monitor.

[ via SlashGear]