Nihoto Wii controller accessories now work with Wii Motion Plus


You know who loves the Wii Motion Plus? Doug Aamoth. You know who’s about to write about the Wii Motion Plus? Me, Nicholas Deleon. Such is life. Anyway, one small problem arises when you use the Wii Motion Plus: you can no longer outfit the controller with those fun plastic accessories—a pistol, for example. Italy’s Nihoto fixes all that with its new line of accessories that do indeed work with the Wii Motion Plus.

So what just came out?

• Tennis Racket
• Baseball Bat
• Golf Club
• Charging Dock
• Revolver – 2 in 1 Remote and Nunchuck with ergonomic handle
• Sport Pack – A collection of sports handles including tennis, golf and baseball
• Sport & Drive – Sport Pack that also includes a Wheel and IR Pass Through Port allowing easy in-game programming
• Superkit – A collection of sports clubs, sword, ping pong bats, and revolver
• Superkit All in One – Contains more than 20 accessories

I understand today is a tough day, what with Tippy Tom dying and all. Rest in Peace, Tom. You brought joy to us all over the years.