No HTC Hero UI for you! T-Mobile user!

google_g1_phone_desktopLooks like the licensing nazi has struck again. The slick “Sense” UI on the coveted HTC Hero is not going to be available as an upgrade for anybody in the US any time soon. That’s right, even though my G1 and the MyTouch/Magic are made and developed by HTC, you’ll find it also says Google on the back. Being a Google-branded product apparently precludes the Magic and G1 from using the Sense UI featured on the Hero, by dint of some sort of evil licensing sorcery.

Personally I’m not that offended; the Hero was made to take advantage of the Sense UI, and I think you would get a sub-optimal experience on the G1 or Magic. Sure, I would have liked to give it a shot, but not so much that I’m going to take it to the streets.

It’s unclear which other, unreleased Android-running phones will be able and allowed to run Sense, but I wouldn’t hope too hard. You can always try to hack together a version for your phone, which will be easier once the Sense source gets leaked (very likely) but you’ll have to be patient.