Nvidia plugin decreases Adobe Premiere Pro H.264 video encoding time by 11 times


Good news for you Adobe Photoshop (and other Creative Suite applications) CS4 users who just so happen to have a high-end Nvidia GPU. Nvidia released today a bunch of plug-ins for Adobe CS4 (both PC and Mac) that leverage the power of your GPU. For example, one such plug-in, Elemental Accelerator 2.0 for Windows, taps into your Quadro GPU to help encode video faster. Encoding H.264 video with Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 while using the plugin improves encoding time by 11 times. (Mac users will have to settle with Elemental Accelerator 1.2.)

It gets better! Nvidia is selling all these plugins at 50 percent off if you buy from their own Web site.

Again, you’ll need a heavy duty GPU to partake, a one of those Quadro babies, to play along. Sadly, my poor pre-unibody MacBook will still be rendering video the old fashioned way.