Arcade on wheels? Yes, please


An arcade on wheels? Now THAT is a good idea. Don’t get too excited, though, as these are basically glorified console setups, not old-school arcade machines. This isn’t about us, though, this is about the children. And the children think Ms. Pac-Man is boring. Ergo, no stand-up arcade machines.

This all comes courtesy of a franchise called Games2U (get it?). Rolling fun-time options include vehicles with screens like the one pictured above, full trailers with indoor climate-controlled playing areas, laser tag, hamster balls (yes!), and stuff like that. Perfect for birthday parties and various other outings swarmed with kids.

Though as Kotaku’s Brian Crecente, who I can only assume is close to the same age as I am, says:

“I like the idea, but I would love it if they actually carted arcade games around to parties. Or better still, like a huge stage that unfolds with fog machines, pyro effects and a stage to play Rock Band or Guitar Hero on. Oh… and groupies, totally need groupies.”

Better still, maybe an exact replica of the living room of my house junior year in college (1999) with furniture from Goodwill, Olympia beer as far as the eye can see, and Mario Kart 64. And Tony Hawk on the PlayStation. Ooh! and GoldenEye.

[Games2U via Kotaku]