Apple to NVIDIA: I'm so breaking up with you

Just when we thought the two companies had found true love, it turns out there’s some turmoil beneath the surface. After NVIDIA’s acknowledgment of mobile GPU breakdown (and denial that the faulty GPUs were in Apple products), Apple determined that many video failures in MacBooks were in fact NVIDIA’s fault. Okay, they worked through that. But it seems NVIDIA has been taking Apple for granted, and displaying “arrogance” in its proposals for continuing a partnership. NVIDIA arrogant? Well blow me down!

So what happens next? After the end of this current product cycle (so probably next year), Apple may be dropping NVIDIA like a rock. But wait a second, it would take a lot of convincing to get AMD to put their GPUs in an Intel system, considering their growing interest in whole-system advantages. It’s all so confusing! Fortunately, it’s also all speculation, so we can wait it out and see what happens.

What do you guys think? Back to AMD? Perhaps Intel has something up its sleeve? Or maybe NVIDIA will apologize and they can have hot and sweaty make-up negotiations. Semiconductor gossip is so juicy!

[via Electronista]