eBay: Piece of chicken shaped like Ocarina of Time


An eBay user is auctioning off a piece of chicken from McDonald’s shaped like the Ocarina of Time. I know!

Product description:

The shining beam of light accompanied by the melodic Zelda jingle blared out of the chicken select treasure box that was handed to me by a late night, tired, acne infested teenage boy as I opened it and discovered what lay in wait for me.¬†Anyone who is a true Zelda fan must get this precious gem of unintentional craftsmanship! It will help you find your Zelda roots, and be just as much of a heroic mastermind as Link!¬† Don’t pass this opportunity, for I am certain you will be able to make great music and friends with this golden nugget!

This is your chance to own a piece of history!

*Do not eat

I’d like to personally underscore the last three words there. Not because you could get sick but because who knows what this thing will be worth in 50 years.

McDonalds Chicken Select Ocarina of Time [eBay via Geekologie]