Tegra 2 to be "twice as powerful," out in 2010


Nvidia’s Tegra chip hasn’t even hit the market, but we know for fact that Tegra 2 is on its way next year. There’s no set timeframe, but we believe it will hit the market sometime during the summer or so its been hinted at. The first Tegra device to be released stateside will be the Zune HD in the fall. I’ve already seen what it can do with Windows CE on a handful of netbooks that were showcased at Computex last month and I walked away very impressed. So what can we expect from Tegra 2?

The chaps from Nvidia stated that Tegra 2 could go toe-to-toe with current laptop configurations. In other words, Tegra 2 is said to be twice as fast and powerful as Tegra 1. Does that mean we’ll see it as the stand-alone core for a regular laptop? Maybe. All we know is that it’s “twice as powerful” and will drop next year.