DDR-style alarm clock forces you to finger-dance first thing in the morning


If you enjoy being frustrated and agitated first thing in the morning, then you’ll appreciate this DDR-style alarm clock that forces you to finger-dance various combinations on the built-in four-way pad in order to get the alarm to stop making noise.

Product description:

“If you love electronic dance mat games – the ones where you have to follow the onscreen pattern by dancing on different coloured lights – this alarm clock is a great way to get you out of bed as it incorporates a mini finger dance pad.

When the alarm sounds, it can’t be turned off unless you do a little dance with your fingers to follow the sequence shown by the lights, just like on a full sized dance game.”

Gee, sounds really great. Thankfully, it’s only available in the UK and you have to order at least six of them at £9.99 a pop so there’s no chance it’ll end up on my nightstand.

Finger Dance Alarm [ThumbsUpUK via OhGizmo!]