New service enables total control of factory workers


In principle, any advance in any field of technology is welcome, but I have my doubts about this new service developed by a Japanese company called DSS. It’s basically aimed at establishing a “big brother”-like control system [JP, PDF] within factories.


After paying $21,000, factory management can simultaneously monitor the activities of up to 30 workers and then analyze and visualize the data collected (fee for a 3-day-analysis). Each worker has to wear a gyro sensor and an acceleration sensor at the ankle and a mini video camera in the shirt pocket.


DSS also installs so-called infrared milestones (pictured above) at various places in the factory halls to be able to locate the workers, record their activity and then deliver a “digital heat map” of the factory to their clients.

The company claims their system helps to significantly boost productivity and cut costs in any factory. It also says the inspiration came from a Toyota production philosophy: “1 second = 1 step = 1 yen of productivity”.

Via Tech-On