Outsource Your Beta Testing To Prefinery (Invites)

The beta testing stage can be the cornerstone to the successful development of a new site. And many startups have to conduct and implement beta testing of sites, surveys and analytics internally, which can be an daunting task when you are launching a site. Prefinery lets startups outsource the whole beta invite process, from start to finish. Prefinery is offering 100 TechCrunch readers with beta invites to test the site. You can sign up here. Use the invitation code “TECHCRUNCH” when signing up for the service.

Prefinery’s ambition is to create a valuable first experience for beta testers and to help startups in collecting and organizing information that will result in a better product. Prefinery will do anything and everything when it comes to the beta testing process. The service will create a splash page for your product, generate an HTML sign-up form with fields and survey questions, create an automatic welcome e-mail/message, take signups into a queue, approve users, and trigger invite e-mail. The service will also generate invite codes and assign quantities.

Prefinery plans to adopt a freemium and monthly subscription model. The exact pricing isn’t nailed down yet, but the founder estimates that pricing will start at $50 per month as the starting point for paid plans, which will be based on the number of beta tester participants. The pricing seems reasonable, especially considering that many of Prefinery’s clients will be bootstrapped startups.

There is definite value in outsourcing the beta testing operations— Prefinery will build out analytics and offer startups valuable data including what days of the week prompt the most signups and what traffic sources result in the most active users.