Twelve 42-inch LCDs rolled into one = huge digital signage system


If you’ve ever come to Japan, and especially to Tokyo, you will have noticed this country’s love for digital signage systems. They’re practically everywhere and some of them are quite cool. Now Tokyo-based Dai Nippon Printing (DNP) has announced plans to set up a digital signage system [JP] that consists of a total of twelve 42-inch LCDs.

In 2 weeks, the aptly named “Tall Vision” will be set up in Sendai in Northern Japan and tested for efficiency until June, 2010. It will show mainly ads, but passengers will also be able to view timetables and other information on the display.


The whole thing is a whopping 3.6m wide and about 2m tall. DNP uses full HD LCD screens made by JVC for it, but the company is ready to install monitors made by other makers upon request.


The main point of this system is its price tag. DNP says the $85,000 buyers have to pay for the Tall Vision is relatively low when compared to digital signage systems of similar size. And just like the Yahoo system I blogged about back in April, the DNP version also comes with NEC’s facial recognition technology to identify passersbys.