WTF: GameStop selling Nintendo Wii bundles with rubber ducks, water guns


This has to be a viral campaign of some sort, but seeing as though we’re on the cusp of a three-day weekend I’ll bite. GameStop is selling three unusual Nintendo Wii bundles that, I don’t know, belie all logic. There’s the “Take a Bath With a Buddy” bundle, the “Pirate Tattoo” bundle, and the “Summer Fun” bundle. Yeah.

Each bundle is $250, and includes a Wii, plus each bundle’s specific bonus item. The “Take a Bath With a Buddy” bundle includes a rubber duck; the “Pirate Tattoo” bundle includes pirate sleeve (for the Wii controller); and the “Summer Fun” bundle includes a water gun.

Why GameStop has, all of a sudden, a warehouse filled with rubber ducks and water guns, I don’t know.

If I had any ambition to speak of, these crazy bundles would spark a “Fun Console Bundles Throughout History” feature. But, you know, we’re about to start up the grill, so…

via Kotaku