Goodnight, sweet Mino: Music Video shot end-to-end on an iPhone 3GS

Hm – perhaps those iPhone 3GS mounts aren’t as silly as we thought (Not really- they’re still silly.)

When videographer Kenny Mosher was tasked with shooting a music video for acoustic-folk band BJSR, he decided to skip the usual rig for something a bit more relevant in the moment: the iPhone 3GS.

Now, this music video isn’t the first of its kind; rapper GOSHone recorded one on a jailbroken iPhone 3G, months before Apple ever condoned video recording on any of their mobile handsets. That said, it’s the first we know of shot through an Apple-endorsed method, and it’s a pretty nifty video at that. Could it be that the iPhone 3GS bit is just a gimmick for the sake of blog posts like this? Absolutely – but at least the song is catchy!