Tips on wiring your home with Cat 5

Just bought a new home? No, probably not. But the one you’ve got could probably use some improvement in the ol’ wiring situation. An ethernet port in every room is probably a bit much, but you might want a hard connection for any computers or media devices that aren’t going to be moving around a lot. So gather round a couple handy friends, buy a hundred feet of Cat 5 cable, and get wiring!


This guide at ExtremeTech is helpful if you’ve never done this particular kind of work, but do know which end of a hammer is which. The basics are: follow the other wires when you can, install nice-looking jacks so the wife doesn’t get on your case, and use closets to go between floors if you need to.

I’m glad I live in an apartment, I’d probably knock the house down if I tried any of this.