Cc:Betty Shows Some Twitter Love, Integrates Twitter Into Email Organization Platform

Cc:Betty, a free service that helps organize group email threads, is the latest startup to catch the Twitter bug. The email collaboration service is integrating with Twitter, so that users of the service can tweet in and out of a of the collaboration platform, as well as see each other’s latest tweets.

Cc:Betty routes, parses, and organizes email conversations in a simple at-a-glance dashboard so you never have to scour your inbox to find the bits and pieces of a long thread. If you cc “” on any email, “she” will create a mailspace, which is a webpage, for your entire email thread and will divide important things such as dates, times, people, places, and files and will format them all in one place. It basically maps out your communications for you in an easy-to-see format.

CEO Michael Cerda says that Twitter integration was another way to help users organize all of their communications, including Tweets. Cc:Betty also recently upgraded its service with several useful features, including the ability to see maps, images and documents as large thumbnails in email threads, and a list of people in an email conversation. You can also filter content of the thread by participant. Cc:Betty has raised $1.5 million in seed funding, which was announced in June.