HTC Hero gets done up in pink


When the HTC Hero made its video debut weeks before official announcement, it looked like we’d see this thing hit the shelves in a full array of colors, from Neon Yellow to Turqoise. By the time it became official, however, most of these variations had disappeared. By the time the press event wrapped up, we saw only two variations: one black, one white.

It looks like at least two more are in the works, however. For all 8 fans of brown phones, we’ve got good news: we’ve got it on pretty good word that a bronze version will be available at some point. Want something a little less.. well.. boring? How about pink? It’s not quite the vibrant pink we saw in that initial video, but retailer Carphone Warehouse is running a shot of a pink(ish) Hero alongside the product details. We’d have preferred the brighter colors over the pastels – but we’ll take what we can get.

[Via IntoMobile]