Let's slow down with the scary-sounding cyberwar stuff


Matt Drudge is running two big stories right now: The Google Chrome OS, and the apparent cyberattack that took down a few U.S. government Web sites. Several outlets, including the AP, are already going with the scary-sounding “It was the North Koreans!” angle, but let’s slow down for a minute.

The fact is that no U.S. government official has confirmed any sort of attack. So to say, “Oh My God We’re Under Attack!” right now is a tad premature. The reports that are currently swirling around the Internet quote officials at a South Korean intelligence organization, with a smattering of security experts chiming in for good measure.

Second, even if there was some sort of coordinated cyber attack, how is that different from your everyday cyberattack. Quoth the Department of Homeland Security spokesman, “The US sees attacks on its networks every day, and measures have been put in place to minimize the impact on federal Web sites.” No need to jump in your fallout shelter just yet.

And lastly, just because someone attacks a South Korean Web site, when does that automatically make them the same person who attacks American Web sites? Just because they both happen at the same time doesn’t necessarily mean they’re coming from the same Bad Guys.

Just a friendly heads-up, is all. Don’t want any of y’all freaking out over what, so far, is largely nothing.