New NERF shooter this fall features secret gun scope


Kids! NERF 2: “N-Strike” Elite is coming out on the Wii this fall. You’ll get the above-pictured SWITCH SHOT EX-3 blaster. That little flip-up “red reveal lens” shows in-game secret messages and enemy weak spots right there on the screen. Your mom and dad won’t be able to see any of that stuff, but you will!

Apparently the first NERF game on the Wii sold a bajillion copies, and this new one’s coming out right around the time of NERF’s 40th anniversary. Bonus: that blaster doubles as an actual NERF dart gun in real life. So go run around outside and then when you get all winded and sunburned, come inside for the rest of the day and play video games while eating Tostitos and sour cream.

Press Release [via Kotaku]