Peek has Linux aspirations, wants help

You know the little e-mail-only device called Peek? Well, the company is hoping to get Linux running on the device and is looking for a someone to do it for them. If someone actually accomplishes the goal, Peek will offer that developer/hacker a mini-consulting gig, which we can only assume is a paying gig. But a Peek with Linux on it, you say…

The Peek is already a solid email device. It’s dead simple and works well, so we’re curious about the long-term goal of loading Linux onto these handhelds. We’ve already heard a rumor that placed Google Maps on the device. Perhaps Peek would offer a model with more data capabilities but that would certainly require a more expensive monthly free. Or maybe the company is looking to add an MS Office-type suite to the Peek.

Hopefully we’ll eventually find out, but that’s only if a developer gets Linux up and running on one first.

Geeky Peek via SlashGear