Razer's Moray+, a compact gaming audio solution

Razer’s had the Moray headset for some time now, but I never considered it worthwhile since really, it was just a pair of mid-range in-ear headphones. That’s changed a bit now, and I just got a package with a pair of Moray+ headphones in it. What’s the difference? Well, now it’s got an in-line microphone, which I foolishly did not include in the picture I just took. It’s an unobtrusive little band and they say it’s omnidirectional, but we’ll see soon enough.

It also has what they call “passive noise reduction” built in. Passive noise reduction is also known as putting things in your ears.

The Moray+ is really meant to be a mobile gaming headset, for trash talking your DS opponent while sitting at a cafe (no, I don’t do that), so it’s got adapters for both DS and PSP. Its main cord (without the splitter) is actually iPhone compatible, so it’s got that going for it as well. I’ll have a full review of these little guys soon and you’ll find out if they’re worth the asking price of $60.