T-Mobile goes bonkers with the myTouch accessories


Ohhhh – so thats why T-Mobile ignored all of the good names, instead opting to call their HTC Magic the “myTouch“: because they’re working the customizability angle.

And boy, are they working it hard. At today’s myTouch event, folks were given a USB stick with a little sneak-peek at what T-Mo had up their sleeve in terms of add-on toys. Skins? Check. Replacement battery covers, holsters, colored wrist straps, and battery extenders? Abso-friggin-lutely. Travel mugs with the myTouch logo with a handful of other accessories shoved inside? Er.. check.

Any accessory you can name, T-Mobile is probably making one for the myTouch. Well, except for tiny robot maids tasked only with keeping your myTouch clean. No word on that yet. Come on, T-mobile, get it together; the people need tiny robot maids.